Say I do to a Barn Wedding …

… at Barn Star Wedding Events!

Barn Star Wedding Events is a unique, historic and sophisticated wedding venue with all modern conveniences to make your perfect day … perfect.

Barn Star Events is set in the heart of Jonathan Valley at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains.  We are near where the National Park at Cataloochee overlooks us to the north and Maggie Valley to the west. We are right on Highway 276 which is directly off Interstate I-40, Exit 20 in North Carolina.

Our barn has been in our family since being built-in the 1940’s, and has been renovated over the last few years. Barn Star Events boasts stained concrete floors, in-house restrooms, bridal suite, kitchen staging area, lighting and sound. However, we still keep all the beauty of an authentic barn. Adding to the barn’s architecture, are family relics in the catwalk and walls that bring heritage, beauty and romance.

Barn owner, Brian Boyd, visualized to revitalize this working barn into a  wedding venue for several years. His talents as landscape and water feature designer allowed him to do most of the work himself. Several family members help him with the barn wedding venue making Barn Star Wedding Events a family business. Barn Star Events opened in the summer of 2017, so although relatively new, we have a lot of experience with weddings!

Yea, We got this …

The best part of Barn Star Events is  no other wedding venue in the area will give you as much space, time, convenience and ease for the price. We recommend you check around and look at the options, but we feel sure that you’ll not only appreciate what we offer but also the commitment to service that we take great care and pride in offering.

Check our reviews because service is our main mission! Make sure you visit our page with rental and use information for more details as well.

Barn Star Events will offer your wedding & reception guests a level of convenience and charm. Check out our photos as well as visit our Facebook page. You’ll love what you see as much as we’ll love hosting your big day.

Keep in Mind Items

There’s a multitude of decisions to make when planning a wedding … date, location, colors, time of days, food, music, etc. Honestly one of the biggest decisions is venue. Barn Star Events has some experience in that area! We thought it may be helpful to make some suggestions or mention some things to keep in mind when considering any place for a a wedding and/or reception location.

Bride’s Walk
Know What’s Important

Inevitably the first consideration is cost. It may seem presumptuous to go right to this topic, but it is the first consideration. One thing we pride ourselves for at Barn Star Events is being honest, helpful and provide high quality service, without financially crippling families .

A huge consideration that we tell any couple who visits our venue, is to ask about add-on expenses or hidden costs. Many times venues talk about and show you all the amazing features and extra special options. However, they fail to mention that they itemize those “little” things and they can add up in the end to a lot of money. At Barn Star Events, our packages specifically list what is included and what is additional up front. It is only fair that you know going into your planning what you’re budget will be and transparency on our part is what we include as good service.

Do Your Homework!

Look at reviews, but ask also ask for anyone who is approved to contact for referral. It’s honestly again, but often times reviews are solicited and therefore are not truthful. Ask other guests, but also ask former brides and grooms who have used the venue about their experience. Employers ask for multiple references, you are employing a venue for your big day … it should be understood that you would want to know how other clients were treated and their event handled. At Barn Star Events, it’s our honor to host you and your event … not the other way around.

Where Exactly IS your Venue?

Make sure you venue has ease in accessibility. Very few weddings have all guests familiar with the wedding venue. Someone is going to live a short or long distance away and will need directions. Is you venue easy to find? Is it accessible by all main, paved roads? Are the GPS instructions for 15 minutes of paved surface driving and 45 on secluded back roads with no cell service? The last thing you need on your wedding day are guests arriving at the end of the reception because they were lost. Also, how is the accessibility of the venue itself? Is Aunt Betty climbing a rock wall or Grandmother Jones in a wheelchair easily able to see your ceremony? What about your sister who is your Matron of Honor, will she be carrying your flower girl on her hip in a dress to a port-a-potty 400 yards away?

We see posts and blogs encouraging happy couples to go off in a corn field and just get married.  Do you have permission for that from the owner and is your parking, walking and guests activity going to damage that land? Will you and your guest have any amenities when nature calls? Will Grandmother Jones be able to access through the cut stalks or Aunt Betty have a chair after her hike?  Costs quickly add up, especially when you realize your needs late. A couple can easily spend MORE than the highest package of a venue they THOUGHT they couldn’t afford.

Book Early

Look around, but book your date early. Don’t spend a lot of time on making a decision. If a venue you love has your date available, it’s not because they lack clients … it’s really a very lucky thing that the date out of a few select days of the year that what you want is available.  So once you have researched, visited and decided pay your deposit and book. All wedding venues require booking paperwork and deposits to hold dates.

Bride & Groom first dance at Barn Star Wedding Events

Know your Contract 

Whatever venue you choose, know their guidelines and inform your guests so that your actions and theirs are within the guidelines. Mutual respect and communication is essential. A venue puts forth expectations and guidelines for safety and from experience.

For example, you and family and party may clearly decide not to have alcohol served at your event. However, your venue knows from experience that guests arrive who frequently visit their vehicle didn’t get the message, Generally, if alcohol is present  and you didn’t contract for it (even if not served) on the premises that you will be charged a hefty additional fine. Barn Star Events has liability coverage but additional coverage is required when alcohol is present in case injury or accident occurs. It is standard policy. If the venue abides by rules and laws, so should you. It may not only save harm and costs, but also uncomfortable discussions on your special day.

Ask for help

If you really want a purple sheer curtain to part for your walk down the aisle … ask! At Barn Star Events we will do what we can to make your day special. However, make sure you have the purple sheer curtain for us to work with or the means to acquire it. In other words, be prepared.

Again, be prepared!

Know your guest count well in advance and let us know what it is so that if your wedding package seating provided by us, or linens or parking spaces … we are prepared because you were prepared. Sometimes it’s hard to know but send invitations out a minimum of 6 weeks in advance and ask for acknowledgement of attendance. Prepare 6-10 people ahead of your estimated count and let your venue know as early as possible, as well as if that number significantly changes.

Not Just a Business

Think about what you will be undertaking and if your venue will help you and those closest to you enjoy your wedding. Make sure that you can come and easily enjoy your day with the support of your family and friends and those of your wedding venue. You need to feel secure in the fact that you will be with good people who want things to go well and see joy in your event. For Barn Star Events, weddings and events may be our business but our clients have become friends we enjoy coming to know and celebrate with. Sometimes there’s no price tag that you can put on that kind of care and support.


Barn Star Events appreciate you considering our space for your wedding; and as we have said, we would be honored to host your day. We hope our items to keep in mind help you in your wedding venue selection and wedding planning. As always, call or text us today with questions or to schedule a visit: 828.226.0747